Live Concerts

  • Live at Beck's Festival Bar, Sydney. London based three-piece Metronomy garnered critical acclaim for their frenetically hybrid indie style knitted together with trademark electronics. Band member Joseph Mount’s prolific remixing career (including Ladytron, Klaxons, Franz Ferdinand, Sebastien Tellier, Gorillaz, Love Is All and Roots Manuva) and the band’s relentless touring kept Metronomy’s name in all the right places - including Beck's Bar in 2009!  
  • Live at the Oxford Art Factory, Sydney. Miami Horror are an Australian indietronica band which was initially formed by its producer and DJ, Benjamin Plant, who began it as a solo project. This intimate show from 2014 was captured at the Oxford Art Factory. And these guys never gave us a setlist, so we hope we've got all the song titles correct. But if you think we've got any of them wrong, let us know!  
  • Live at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney. Mogwai are a Scottish rock band from Glasgow. Formed in 1995, Mogwai has since become one of the most influential and best known names in post-rock. They typically compose instrumental, sometimes lengthy guitar-based pieces in the post-rock tradition. This show from 2009 is a testament to that. Amen!  
  • Live at the Factory Theatre, Sydney.They’ve worked with Blink 182 and Fallout Boy, toured the world and boast a fanbase that redefine the term ‘die-hard’. They’re Motion City Soundtrack. Running hot on the heels of their appearances at the colossal 2013 Soundwave Festival, the Minnesota five-piece treated fans to the perfect slice of poetic pop-punk at Sydney’s Factory Theatre. With every word echoed by the crowd, the band dove deep into latest album at the time ‘Go’ as well as their back catalogue including fan favourites like ‘My Favorite Accident’, ‘L.G. FUAD’ and ‘Hold Me Down’. Boy-girl dramas and over-self-analysis never sounded so fun – or infectious.  
  • Live at the Manning Bar, Sydney. Seattle is famous for giving the world two things: an all-conquering global high street coffee chain and Grunge. OK, so we weren’t around to capture that other well-known Seattle export, but Mudhoney (led by irrepressible vocalist and guitarist Mark Arm) were also an integral part of that sound and are often credited with leading the way. When we filmed this show in 2013, the band was just putting out their ninth studio album ‘Vanishing Point’ through the legendary (and Seattle based) Sub Pop label.  
  • Live at the Annandale Hotel, Sydney. This New York band was for some time best known for the atypical (and rarely played by them these days, if at all) song“Popular” from their 1996 album High/Low. Their other stuff (which they keep on releasing) is much, much better! We filmed them in 2012 on the tour to support their then current release (and a bit of a classic to us!) ‘The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy’. We remain big fans.  
  • Live at the Sydney Opera House. Back in 2012 we filmed Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner performing "41 Strings" with the Australian Youth Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House as part of that year's Sydney Festival. The piece is part concerto in the classical tradition, but with the modern rock ‘n' roll feel one would expect from Zinner. Using Vivaldi's Four Seasons as inspiration, Zinner's music chronicles the ups and downs of the seasons in a swirling mass of strings and percussion. At times dark and moody, 41 Strings is also hopeful and ultimately joyful.  
  • Live at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney. Nightwish is a Finnish symphonic power metal band, formed in 1996 They are considered one of the bands responsible for the development and rise in popularity of symphonic metal at the end of the 1990s, as well as the creation of the subgenre symphonic power metal. For fans, this show that we captured in 2008 is not to be missed.  
  • Live at the Rose Garden Arena, Portland. This band needs no introduction and this show from 2008 is a must see. It's our edit of their publicly available stems and we've made the whole show free to view - no subscription necessary. You're welcome!  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. One of the early west coast (California) punk bands, they became much more than that over the years (whilst never losing their punk roots). Driven primarily by Tony Sly (lead singer, guitarist and chief songwriter), the band came to an abrupt end with his untimely death in 2012. We caught them in full flight during 2008 around the time of the release of the aptly named ‘Feel Good Record of the Year’!  
  • Live at The Forum, Melbourne. Variously described over the years as ‘metalcore’, ‘progressive metalcore’, alternative metal’, industrial metal’ and ‘nu metal’ (amongst other sub-genres), we’re pretty sure you’re getting the picture! Formed in Sydney, Australia in 2009, these guys are currently crushing it more than ever. We captured the band in stellar form earlier this year as they barnstormed around the country in support of their sixth (and amazing) album ‘Obsidian’ released in April 2022. This was one of two nights at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre and the band served up an extraordinary performance to the sold out (and mental!) crowd. Turn it up! (Fun fact - Northlane took their name from a 2007 track ‘North Lane’ by the British act Architects, And yes, we have a show by Architects right here on Moshcam. You're welcome!)  
  • Another great Australian act to join our World Stage 2022 project. Please welcome to the stage the fantastic Ocean Alley with their "cruisey psych, rock and reggae fusion" (thanks Happy, couldn’t have described it better ourselves!). Originally from the northern beaches of Sydney, they are now taking on the world. We captured them here in early 2022 before a capacity crowd at Brisbane’s fabulous Riverstage. Get on board!  
  • Live at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney. These Swedish heavy metal masters made a helluva racket at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre in 2011, and it sounded glorious (and still does!). Check out their opening track ‘The Devil’s Orchard’ to get a taste - it's free!  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. In 2008, the thash metal gods treated Sydney’s Metro Theatre to an epic night of fast-paced fury.  
  • Live at the Brixton Academy, London. From Byron Bay to London’s Brixton Academy in 2016. The Australian five piece turned it up to 11 with bellowing vocals, humming bass lines, thrash along solos and a touch of pyrotechnics. It’s mental to say the least!  
  • Live at the Annandale Hotel, Sydney. Paul Dempsey is the lead singer, guitarist and principal songwriter of Australian rock group Something for Kate. This show from 2009 was in support of the release of his first solo album whilst continuing his work with Something for Kate.  
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