Live Concerts

  • Live at the El Rey, Los Angeles. How to describe Emilie Autumn? An eclectic mix of cabaret, electronica and glam rock (which she?s sometimes described as ?Victoriandustrial?), this American singer-songwriter, poet, and violinist is definitely one out of the box. Perhaps we should just leave it to Emilie to give you an idea: ?Well, if you?ve ever lacquered on black nail varnish, sported striped stockings, danced to German industrial music, would commit criminal acts for a cup of tea, have a thing for electric violins, an even bigger thing for musical theatre, participated in a shadow cast of cult films set in circuses, or you love someone who has, then you?ve probably seen my mug before.? We caught this amazing show at the legendary El Rey in LA back in 2012 when she was on tour to promote her then current album Fight Like A Girl. She?s been a bit quiet on the music front in recent years, so even more reason to dig into this show.  
  • Live at The Lexington, London. Back in 2012 when we filmed this show, Eugene McGuinness was on the brink of something big, and justifiably so ? but then he disappeared, and we thought that was it. But 2022 has unexpectedly delivered a new album from this British singer-songwriter which we?re very happy to see - and a good excuse to bring you this show from his tour in support of his then second solo album (although his third if you count the one he made in 2009 with his band, Eugene and the Lizards), ?The Invitation to The Voyage?. Swaggering yet soulful, anthemic but sonically experimental, it was recorded with the dual assistance of producers Clive Langer (Elvis Costello, Morrissey, Madness) and Dan Carey (MIA, Hot Chip, Santigold) ? no slouches either of them. Welcome back Eugene!  
  • Live at the Annandale Hotel, Sydney. Australia was Evan Dando's second home for quite a while there. Caught in 2009 on one of his frequent tours through the country, the one true Lemonhead runs through a career spanning set of classic songs, both Lemonheads and solo material, as well as some very tasty covers.  
  • Live at Brunswick Ballroom, Melbourne. Kicking off our World Stage 2022 project (showcasing the best of Australian current music) is the legendary Even - self-acknowledged by Ash Naylor (singer/guitar/songs) as being heavily influenced by the best of sixties and seventies rock (and you know that can?t be a bad thing!). This ?Christmas Even? show (yep, filmed on the eve of Christmas) at the fabulous Brunswick Ballroom in Melbourne has it all ? new songs from their awesome 2021 release ?Reverse Light Years? (5 stars in The Guardian!), crowd favourites from their earlier releases, special guests and a few choice covers for good measure. And that's not (all as they say in the classics)! On the night, the band was joined by some great special guests in Anton Ruddock, Finn Phelan-Naylor, Nick Batterham and Nick Murray. We?re over the moon to be able to share this with you. And don?t forget to check out our interview with Ash Naylor, as well as a review of this very gig, in our blog.  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. Evermore was one of those classic New Zealand bands that seemed to arrive almost out of nowhere, fully formed and armed with a bunch of killer songs. Although often categorised as indie rock/alternative, the band achieved major mainstream success and rightly so. This literal band of brothers released three platinum-selling albums, Dreams (2004) , Real Life (2006) and Truth of the World: Welcome to the Show (2009). They were nominated for six ARIA Awards, and won two New Zealand Music Awards. We caught this show back in 2009 just after the release of their third album. Sadly, they seemed to run out of steam and not much has been heard of them for quite some time. But the great songs endure?.  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. Explosions in the Sky is an American post-rock band from Texas. The band has garnered popularity beyond the post-rock scene for their elaborately developed guitar work, narratively styled instrumentals, what they refer to as ?cathartic mini-symphonies,? and their enthusiastic and emotional live shows - abundantly on display in this show filmed by Moshcam in 2011.  
  • Live at the Sydney Festival, Sydney. Born on the Ivory Coast and based in France, Fatoumata Diawara blends jazz and blues with the traditional Wassoulou music of her Malian parents to create her own contemporary folk sound. Her debut album, Fatou, is a testament to her musical style ? the fluid and graceful African rhythms infused with global influences, led by her lithe and sensual voice. This show, performed as part of the 2012 Sydney Festival, perfectly displayed a fresh new talent with a unique sound and a bagful of beautiful self-penned songs.  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. 2010. Born Olufela Olufemi Anikulapo Kuti (but thankfully shortened for the stage!), Femi Kuti is not only a legendary world musician in his own right, he is also of course the son of Nigerian afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti (with whom he played for many years). Striking out on his own in the late 80s and forming his own band Positive Force, he?s gone on to become a genuine positive force in world music, being nominated for a Grammy on four separate occasions (including in 2010 around the time we captured this show). Sadly, he?s been overlooked on every occasion, but his music and his shows are no less powerful for that.  
  • Live at the Independent, San Francisco. ?San Francisco smells good tonight! I like that incense y'all burnin?! Ride on!? Fishbone may have formed in the ghettos of South Central L.A back in the late '70s, but damn, that heavy duty ska-funk juggernaut was still running red hot in 2012 (and continues to this day!). If anything, sax-touting, hat-loving vocalist Angelo Moore was groovin' harder than ever, while the grinding rhythms of slap-bass master Norwood Fisher were being pumped out with enough frantic energy to make even the most hardcore punk-rockers sound more like a show band. Trailblazing their way through funk, hard-rock, punk ska and soul, and heroes to everyone from Primus and Jane's Addiction to Gwen Stefani, the seven-piece are often imitated but never duplicated. These cool cats know how to bring it, and they sure brought 'it' when we filmed them in 2012 at The Independent in San Francisco.  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. Five Finger Death Punch (also initialized as FFDP or 5FDP) is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2005, the group's name is derived from classic martial arts cinema. We captured this show in 2009 and they didn't disappoint!  
  • Live at The Forum, Sydney. What makes a band truly remarkable? Insightful lyrics? Memorable melodies? Blow-your-mind live performances? The truth is that it takes all of those things along with a boundless enthusiasm, an infectious energy and a supreme devotion to the fans. This show from 2008 has it all on display. As they say, an oldie but a goodie!  
  • Live at Cargo, London. These guys are (perhaps were) a French-British indie folk kinda band led by French musician François Marry. We filmed this show in 2012 at the time of the band's third (and very positively received) album, E Volo Love. NME gave the album a far from shabby 7/10. We think this show?s even better!  
  • Live at No Sleep Til Festival, Sydney. This Australian punk act deploy a wicked sense of humour (particularly in their choice of song titles ? the free track here leaves you in no doubt about their perspectives on Johnny Ramone!). Australian rock music journalist Ed Nimmervoll summed them up best: "[their] history is littered with legendary stories, perhaps true, perhaps exaggerations, but stories which fuel and match their song and album titles. Their songs are often profane, likely to poke fun at someone including themselves, hint at a social conscience, and inside all the tough talk and body jokes be hopelessly romantic." Yes, that approach has got them into trouble on more than one occasion, but hey, they wear their art on their sleeve which is more than you can say about many these days. Whilst the band has undergone various line-up changes over the years, the core duo of Jason Whalley (lead vocals) and Lindsay McDougall (guitar, vocals) has remained pretty constant. Those playing along at home will also know that Whalley and McDougall also held down the Triple J morning shift for a few years as Jay and The Doctor (which was pretty ironic given that the station had previously banned their music!). We caught this set back in 2010 at the No Sleep ?Til festival (which also featured the likes of Megadeth and the Descendants, whose sets are also now on Moshcam).  
  • Live at Enmore Theatre, Sydney. Are Friends Electric? We were there at the Enmore Theatre in 2009 to find out. This set is definitely one for the fans, featuring many of his well known songs delivered in his trademark style. He returned in 2011 to play The Pleasure Principle in full and we were there to capture that show as well - look out for that one as well. We'll add it in the near future. In the meantime, relive the hits with this show  
  • Live at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney. For over 30 years, Gary Numan has moved effortlessly from one genre to another, all the while creating something instantly recognizable as his alone. Inspiring new generations of musicians at every turn, the synth-pop pioneer who first launched a thousand blips before morphing into the neo-metallic lord of darkwave, has not only reinvented himself but shed new possibilities on increasingly jaded genres. In this spectacular concert we filmed in Sydney during 2011 (having also filmed him earlier in 2009), he profiled his extraordinary debut 1979 album The Pleasure Principle (containing the megahit ?Cars?, featured here) and it?s astonishing to remember that it was recorded with no guitars whatsoever. In this show, those same songs were delivered with a fierce determination, and it?s easy to see how the sheer symphonic power of those early chords lay the foundation for the industrial goth-metal of later songs like Jagged and Halo (also included in this set).  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. These indie rockers from Glasgow (naturally!) made a huge splash with their self-titled debut album in 2008 - not only did it achieve platinum status in the UK, it was also nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in September 2009. This show, from their 2011 Australian tour, followed the release of their eagerly awaited second album ?Euphoric Heartbreak?. They were red hot at the time with most dates around the world selling out and achieving great reviews including from UK publication The Independent: "Glasvegas are still -- and we desperately need this right now -- a band to believe in". Couldn?t have put it better ourselves!  
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