Live Concerts

  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. The famous eclectic band (typically filed under ‘psychedelic’ but that doesn’t really do them justice) fronted consistently by Anton Newcombe and the subject (along with the Dandy Warhols) of the award winning 2004 documentary Dig! – check it out if you can. They’re still going strong, and we filmed this show in 2010 around the time of their release ‘Who Killed Sgt Pepper?’. Expect the unexpected.  
  • Live at The Satellite, Los Angeles. Say what you will about Richard “Buck 65″ Terfry and his gritty off-kilter hip-hop, but at this show at The Satellite in 2012, there were no half-assed measures when it came to giving his audience exactly what they wanted. One man armed with one laptop, one turntable and a collection of dance moves (that at times suggested he was either blind-drunk or melting) was able to work the crowd into a frenzy of hand claps and woo-hooing five minutes into his set by uttering that one statement of steely determination every live music fan wants to hear: “I got all your requests right here… and I’m going to play ALL of these requests!” A Buck 65 show is like a journey through the multicolored, jumbled-up lint from every corner of the MC’s mind. Dog shit, strawberries, the zombie apocalypse and even odes to Michael Jackson; there are few subject matters Buck 65 won’t try to deliver over a solid beat with that trademark purpose and confidence. Clearly his brand of unorthodox free-wheeling hip-hop flavored with more than just a dash of eccentricity won’t be for everybody, and if you aren’t cheering on the Buck 65 camp by the end of this gig you probably never will be.  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. Built To Spill are an American indie formed in 1992 that grew to achieve both critical and commercial success nationally and internationally in the late 90s and through the 2000s. We caught them on their 2008 Australian tour.  
  • Live at the O2 Academy, Birmingham. Running red hot on the heels of their fourth album ‘Temper Temper’, the Welsh melodic metal unit rolled into Birmingham’s O2 Academy in 2013 like a tank, armed with burning anthems like ‘Your Betrayal’, ‘Tears Don’t Fall’ and ‘Waking The Demon’ alongside newer cuts ‘Temper Temper’ and ‘Riot’. Lock and load people, it’s Bullet time!  
  • After five albums, with the last three entering the Australian Top 20 Album Chart, including their final swansong, Vultures Above, Lions Below (UNFD), Buried In Verona called it a day and we were there to capture their Sydney show from their final tour (the ultimate experience) at The Factory Theatre on the 22nd of October 2016  
  • Vale the great Pete Shelley who left us in 2018. Shelley and Howard DeVoto formed Buzzcocks (definitely not The Buzzcocks!) in 1976. DeVoto left quite early (and went on to form Magazine in 1977), and it was left to Shelley to carry on as singer–songwriter–guitarist for the band – and he knocked it out of the park! The band (and Shelley in particular) is legendary for good reason – check out the singles collection ‘Singles Going Steady’ (described by critic Ned Raggett as a "punk masterpiece") if you need to know why. We caught them here in 2009 with Pete Shelley at full throttle. And yes, of course they sing 'Ever Fallen In Love'!  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. C.W. Stoneking, is an Australian musician who draws influence from pre-war blues, jazz, 1920s calypso, folklore, and personal experience to produce his original songs. Stoneking's songs range in style from lonesome field holler blues, to cheeky hokum duets, to full blown 'jungle jazz' epics. This is one of our earlier shows from 2008 - but it's timeless!  
  • Live at KOKO, London. It was 2013 and the biggest show Canada’s favourite good-time metallers had ever played – and they absolutely killed it. With the moshpit ignited by support acts Turbowolf and Brutality Will Prevail, Cancer Bats stormed onstage with hard-hitting opener, ‘Bricks And Mortar‘. Like a bat out of hell, vocalist Liam Cormier and his cohorts delivered classics such as ‘Pneumonia Hawk’ and ‘Shillelagh’, then proceeded to rip KOKO a new one with a closing hat trick of Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’, ‘Hail Destroyer’ and ‘R.A.T.S.’ So click that watch button and as Liam suggests “get that f***in’ circle pit going” to the grimy, hardcore, head-banging sound of Cancer Bats.  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. As pioneering veterans of the illustrious Florida death metal scene that gathered sway in the late ‘80s, Cannibal Corpse are known as much for their carnival-of-horrors imagery as the full-bodied carnage of the music itself. With nauseatingly graphic cover art that rarely evades the censor’s eye and song titles informed by the motives of horror movie villains, it’s easy enough to imagine what you might be getting yourself into with the band’s live show. We hid under the covers and filmed this back in 2012. Watch it if you dare!  
  • Aussie. Indie-Rock. Melbourne-born. Need we say more? They hit the scene running, and Moshcam wasn’t far behind to catch the rise of the legends that will forever be Children Collide. Check out their early days at the Metro Theatre in Sydney on 5 January 2009 right here!  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. An extraordinary tour-de-force performance from these Philly post-hardcore rockers from an earlier tour of Australia back in 2007. This show was so good that we caught them again in 2013 and we'll bring that show to you soon as well!  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. Having already put on a tour-de-force performance when we saw the Philly post-hardcore rockers in Australia back in 2007 (and you can already see that show on Moshcam), we jumped at the chance to film Circa Survive when they visited these shores again in 2013 to support the mighty Coheed and Cambria (yep, that’s here on Moshcam too!). Led by the powerful, unearthly vocals of Anthony Green, Circa delivered a set that was loaded with energy and exceeded all our expectations. Featuring stand out fan favourites ‘In Fear and Faith‘ and ‘The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose‘, this is a concert that no fan of dark and downright hard-hitting live performances should miss.  
  • Live at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney. 2011. Clouds (often also called The Clouds) were one of the great 90s Australian indie rock bands along with fellow travellers like Falling Joys, Hummingbirds and Tall Tales and True. Formed around the core of Jodi Phillis (guitar and vocals) and Patricia “Trish” Young (bass and vocals), these guys really knew how to crank out a killer tune. After releasing 4 great albums and numerous EPs and singles, they finally gave it away in the late 90s. They’ve reformed sporadically since then, including for this great show from 2011. We’ll see them again late in 2022 when they get back together again to celebrate 30(ish) years since the release of their debut album, Penny Century.  
  • Live at the Factory Theatre, Sydney. Described variously as hard rock, stoner rock and funk metal, a folk act they sure ain’t! Filmed here by Moshcam in 2010 following the release of their ninth studio album ‘Strange Cousins From The West’.  
  • Live at the Factory Theatre, Sydney. This American 'folktronica’ act was formed in the early 2000s by sisters Sierra Rose Casady ("Rosie") and Bianca Leilani Casady ("Coco") and originally performed just as a duo. They subsequently expanded to a full touring band and supported artists such as TV on the Radio, Bright Eyes and Devendra Banhart. Captured here in 2008, shortly afterwards they were named as the 16th most influential artist of the 2000s by music magazine Better Propaganda. No argument from us!  
  • Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney. Hot-wiring hard rock with high concepts, New York prog powerhouse Coheed And Cambria have carved out a sound that’s as epic as it is ambitious. Over the course of many albums, this four-man crew have blasted off on their own course, fueled on razor-sharp riffs, thunderous rock theatre and sci-fi mythology (that’s evolved into a comic series and even a film). Hot on the heels of their then new album ‘The Afterman: Descension’, their show at Sydney’s Metro Theatre in 2013 saw the band hit the stage with all guns blazing. Lock on now.  
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